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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


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Meanings of Self-confidence
  • Self-assurance
  • Poise
  • Self-possession
  • Composure
  • Coolness
  • Calm self-assured dignity
  • Buoyancy

How to Build and Improve Self-confidence?

Also refer: (Personality), (Self development), (Winners and Losers), (Executive Etiquette and Manners), (Cross Cultural Etiquette and Manners), (Telephone Etiquette), (Email Etiquette), (Dining Etiquette and Table Manners) and (Anger Management)

  1. Keep balance- don't be under-confident and don't be over-confident
  2. Good personal grooming
  3. Impressive and acceptable dress sense
  4. Use classy accessories (not necessarily very expensive)
  5. Personal hygiene
  6. Improve your appearance
  7. Keep physically fit
  8. Keep mentally fit
  9. Keep a good posture
  10. Walk smartly and faster
  11. Don't bite your nails
  12. Do a firm hand-shake
  13. Stand by your fundamental truths or values
  14. Keep examining your paradigms (mindsets) and change them if necessary (Refer: Effectiveness Management: HSoftware or (Effectiveness Management: HSoftware)
  15. Openness to learn and to learn continuously
  16. Openness to unlearn and to relearn
  17. Keep positive outlook
  18. Yet, be abreast with the realities of life
  19. Keep up-to-date in knowledge in your technical/professional area and in human skills (behavioral and soft skills) (This is one most important factor in improving your self-confidence)
  20. Keep up-to-date in skills/competencies in your technical area (hard skills) and human skills (behavioral and soft skills) (This is one most important factor in improving your self confidence) (Refer: Competency Matrix or Competency Matrix and Competency Matrix)
  21. Focus on your strengths and only critical weaknesses and improve them
  22. Control your anxieties and fears (Refer: or
  23. Communicate effectively. Refer: (Communication), (Written Communication), (Email Etiquette), (Transaction Analysis- TA)
  24. Have a good command over the languages through which you deal with others
  25. Speak up whenever and wherever required
  26. Don't mumble
  27. Walk the talk (actions speak better than words)
  28. Good sense of timing
  29. Have an active orientation
  30. Design successes by achieving your objectives and related tasks by way of seeking opportunities, joining opportunities and creating opportunities that suit your strengths.
  31. Smart and hard work
  32. Make decisive decisions. Refer: (Decision Making)
  33. Work speedily and then accelerate
  34. Be energetic and exude enthusiasm while working
  35. Handle mistakes calmly
  36. Learn to be humorous and have fun
  37. Build trust
  38. Build team work. Refer: (Team Building)
  39. Delegate effectively. Refer: (Delegation)
  40. Use your and other people's (your subordinates’) creativity (Refer: Creativity and Innovation)
  41. Take care of your people. Refer: (Leadership)
  42. Maintain good human relations (Refer: or
  43. Compliment others (that makes you an I am OK- you are OK person) (Refer: Transaction Analysis- TA)
  44. Accept compliments graciously
  45. Keep your eyes and ears open (without being a part of politics, being completely professional)
  46. Learn the art of negotiating the system. Refer: (Negotiation Skills)
  47. Be flexible in your approaches
  48. Good interpersonal relations. Refer: (Interpersonal Relations)
  49. Be firm but friendly
  50. Be friendly but not familiar (familiarity breeds contempt)
  51. Be assertive (do not be submissive or aggressive) (Refer: Assertiveness)
  52. Be dependable and live up to your promises
  53. Live with integrity and dignity. Refer: (Business Ethics and Ethics in Management)

Signs of self-confidence

  • Impressive external personality
  • Calmness and coolness in appearance and behavior
  • Absence of tensions, stresses and strains
  • Positive outlook
  • Organized
  • Absence of inferiority complex
  • Absence of aggression and boastfulness
  • Humility and modesty
  • Absence of complaining and passing the blame

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